Can I Have a Volunteer?

(not the real) Choi Siwon.

Haven't you heard of the Great Phantasmagoria? Come on in! Half-price for kids below 12.

Straight as an arrow btw.
Fantasy of Flying | Siwon*Jungah

In his vest, dress shirt, a neat looking necktie and a nice pair of slacks just like what he wears almost everyday, his hand held the other behind him as he looked down to the garden several floors below him. On a stool just a feet beside him was a pot of coffee and a cup, half-filled or yet, half consumed. He would like a cigarette this time but he’s long past that time of his life, he would just have to settle with other things than that. 

He finally took his pocket watch out from his pocket, pretty fancy than those time pieces worn by the wrist. This one is a piece from the past, like the things he used to perform on stage. At least right now would be something different. No trap doors and no modified props. Just him, a beautiful volunteer, and his magic. 

"What took you so long, I thought you wouldn’t come." he said when the door behind him suddenly opened. He would be lying if he said he’s not excited about this but he just kept it to himself.